Forgeworld and BFG Redux

Picard gets it...
Picard gets it…

Buried in a recent post on some 40k sized Forgeworld rumours posted here on BoLS, was this little nugget of information:

– FW would love to do BFG again…but its a long way off and definitely an if.

Just a thought:

If Forgeworld loved BFG so much, why on earth did they can it in the first place?

It is not as if it will have been taking up vast amounts of resources cranking out the few BFG models being ordered, not as if the few packs of BFG that would have needed to be in stock would have taken up huge amounts of warehouse space, and not as if the community were expecting or clamouring for vast swathes of new models either.

Annoyingly, all they have done is remove the very last vestige of support for an excellent game for no reason beyond neatness!


4 thoughts on “Forgeworld and BFG Redux

  1. Hear, hear! Other game systems are enjoying success off the back of GW’s original investment in very cool models (i.e. Fire storm armada), if they only had the sense to keep the game alive… anyway, at the moment, there are some small model companies taking advantage of this situation, which may well lead to another Chapter house situation… here’s hoping they give us a hint that something is in the pipeline soon! Thanks for posting 🙂

    1. I really hope so, and some nice proxies are making their way out though they tend to be on shapeways and therefore pretty pricey to get in the UK, but the thing that really irks me is that they shut them down when the level of investment was tiny anyways.

      Why bother doing that if you are planning to / wanting to bring them back?

  2. They basically said in the seminar (when asked if any BFG content would appear in the HH books) that if GW doesn’t support the game they couldn’t either, as the bulk of any BFG HH fleet would be based on the GW range, same with Epic.

    My main gripe was that the Epic range they sold was mainly for AI…they dropped it just as I was about to pick up a Chaos force.

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