BFG: Dark Angels Battle Barge

Hi guys,

Another follow-up post on the recently re-painted Space Marine fleet I have been putting together. The last post had the three Strike Cruisers in it, while this is for the one Battle Barge that forms the core of the fleet. Again re-painted in the same dark gray scheme, with little hints of dark green and cream.

I have put the fuller fleet pictures up on the top line of the blog, and kept the previous Ultramarine pics up there too.


2 thoughts on “BFG: Dark Angels Battle Barge

  1. Nice job. I like the theme, its similar to what I use (astro grey). Would you consider painting the side panels at the front of the ship Dark Angels green to make it more prominently a Dark Angels vessel or are you trying to leave it with only hints in case you want to represent other SM fleets? Cheers

    1. Thank you for the comment!

      I did think about making them “greener” ships generally, but part of the reason I never really felt 100% happy with my Ultramarines was that they were so bright. I also have a Dark Green Imperial fleet, so didn’t want two fleets in basically the same colours, and the Gray works quite well as a sort of neutral colour scheme.

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