BFG: Re-painted Dark Angels Strike Cruisers

Hi guys,

Quick filler post as I am off to London for a bit tomorrow, with some Strike Cruiser I have recently re-painted to fit in with my EPIC Dark Angels army. These were originally painted quite bright blue as an Ultramarines fleet but have had a bit of a tone down and become the BFG fleet of my Dark Angels army. I went for a more utilitarian gray colour scheme with only the odd speck of dark green / cream / ice blue to perk things up.

The fleet is now bang-on a thousand points, with a Battle Barge still to be shown here.

MoFleet                                          50
RRoll                                         25
Battlebarge                                  425
SCruiser w/ ashield, lance     180
SCruiser w/ ashield                  160
SCruiser w/ ashield                  160


Top-down view
Top-down view
Two re-painted Strike Cruisers
Two re-painted Strike Cruisers
One new one given to me by a friend
One new one given to me by a friend

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