MWIH – My Week in Hobby 7

Ok guys,


Confession time – I have done almost no hobbying in the last week. No building of figures, no painting, and only a quick Kill Team game on Wednesday.

I took a Dominion Squad from the old Witch Hunters book as my Kill Team – a Veteran Superior with Bolt Pistol and CCW, Sister with Bolter, two sisters with Flamers, and two sisters with Melta Guns. Dominions have to be mounted in either a Rhino or an Immolator, so I chose a Heavy Flamer Immolator as their ride.


The game was a three player game between my Sisters, some Orks, and some Gray Knights. I drove my Sisters straight toward the Orks and unloaded with the templates, before being mostly shot off the board. High point was my Veteran Superior duking it out for three turns with the opposing Nob, despite having no decent wargear at all.

Next week I am thinking of maybe using a Seraphim squad, or going a bit wacky with an Inquisitorial Retinue.


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