Dark Angels 3rd Company Command Squad

The full 3rd Company of the Dark Angels
The full 3rd Company of the Dark Angels

Hi guys,

I have now painted up the full third company of the Dark Angels (20 Assault Marines, 20 Devastators, 60 Tactical, Chaplain, Librarian, Command Squad). The full army, when painted, will be the 3rd and 4th Companies with support from the 1st (Deathwing) and 2nd (Ravenwing) companies, along with armoured support.I am really happy with how these miniatures are turning out and the paint scheme, even if they are taking a very long time to come together.

Command Squad
Command Squad – Captain with Power Fist, 2 Marines, Missile Launcher, and Standard
Third Company Banner
Third Company Banner

I am particularly proud of the freehand on the banner – very nerve wracking to do and less splotchy in real life – but I think it has come out clear enough. I am slightly worried that the 4th Company banner is going to be even more difficult as it includes a black and white check at the top along with a cream background…


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