MWIH – My week in Hobby 6

Hi again guys,

I hope everyone is well, and getting the most out of the hobby!

Sadly, the rules for this game are quite tricky to get hold of these days
Sadly, the rules for this game are quite tricky to get hold of these days

This week, I played in another multi-player game of Legends of the Old West, a GW historicals game dealing with the Wild West, the US-Mexico Wars, the Indian Wars etc. Overall a good game with interesting movement and shooting possibilities, sadly let down by an abysmal combat system. I had a terrible game last month, and lost two of the four members of my US Cavalry posse, so my involvement in the game this month was limited to taking a couple of pot shots at the rapidly escaping bad guys.

US Cavalry Lieutenant

I have yet to roll up the advancements / results from the game, but hopefully I should earn enough dollars to hire another couple of troopers and get me back up to four models!

Tactical Marines
Tactical Marines

In other news I have painted up some more of my Dark Angels (are you as sick of them as I am yet?) now completing another Tactical Marine formation which gives me a full company worth of marines. These guys are armed with a mix of Missile Launchers and Special Weapons  – one Melta Gun, one Plasma Gun, and one Flamer.

Plasma Gun
Plasma Gun







Otherwise, my local club is starting up a kill team campaign thing this week and I am taking my Sisters of Battle along for the ride. Hoping that the combination of a bunch of Melta and Flamer toting Dominions in an Immolator will prove fearsome enough to carry me through.

I still have the command stand for the Dark Angels company to paint up, which will happen soon, and I might have a crack at starting on some of the vehicles / bikes in the army in the next week or so.

I hope everyone is well and that their gaming is plentiful,


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