EPIC Dark Angel basing update



Having scoured the internet for basing ideas following the poll on lichen further down the page, and taking into account the majority for leaving the bases as is, I have decided to leave the current bases as is and to continue painting up the rest of the army in the same way.

Once everything is done however, I think I will look into finding some 6mm sized grass tufts like these, but smaller, and perhaps a colour that fits better with the dark green and red of the paint scheme – possibly a light, dry, grassy type. You can see some examples, though greener than I think I would use for mine, on my friend Andy’s much better painted EPIC figures here over at Miniature Miscellany.

I do need to crack on and get back to painting the Dark Angels. Luckily a formation of 4-6 stands is about right for the amount of painting time I am getting at the moment!

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One thought on “EPIC Dark Angel basing update

  1. […] some of you may know I have been painting up my Epic Dark Angels off and on for ages now. I painted a fair amount (mostly infantry) about two years ago, then slid away and […]

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