MWIH – My Week in Hobby 4

Hi guys,

Another MWIH post, though a little light as I haven’t been going to my local club much recently.

I played a game against a different friend called – 1500pts of 40k, my Imperial guard versus his Eldar. The game went quite well for me as I had so many guardsmen on the table that he struggled to deal with the amount of firepower I could throw out. Turning points of the game are the Serpent Shield on one of his Wave Serpents wiping out my command squad (Ignore Cover and S7 means very dead Guardsmen!), and my commissars chopping down Aspect Warriors (Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions) in assault.


Newly painted Tactical formation
Newly painted Tactical formation

Otherwise I have painted another EPIC Dark Angel formation, a tactical formation of six stands. This brings me close to having the first of the two tactical companies that make up the army (each company is one assault, one devastator, and two tactical formations) and all the models have a bone coloured kneepad to mark this out.

Some of the special weapons marines from this line of proxy marines.

Plasma gun
Plasma gun
Melta gun
Melta gun

5 thoughts on “MWIH – My Week in Hobby 4

  1. More of the off the back of a truck minis. Never heard anything back from the dark alley on the other ones you showed. Might have to try again.

  2. Hi!I’m a new Epic player, would like to know where to find those Space Marines miniature!Looks awesome!

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