Lichen or no lichen? – EPIC Dark Angel basing

Hi guys,

A quick question for you all – as some of you will be aware I have recent started slowly painting up my EPIC Dark Angels. Currently the bases are just sanded and dry brushed before being washed, but I am a bit worried that this leaves them a little uninteresting. I bought some lichen and am thinking of having tiny little tufts placed on a few of the bases, just to break them up a little bit, but cant decide whether this looks better or not.

No lichen - current bases
No lichen – current bases

Please have a vote, and feel free to comment with suggestions!


6 thoughts on “Lichen or no lichen? – EPIC Dark Angel basing

  1. A view years ago I would have said: “go for version two”. Nowadays I have to admit that lichen pieces don´t really fit into good looking miniature ranges. Anyhow I agree, there must be something else on top of your bases – otherwise they would look slightly empty.

    What about coloured crystals? There are several colours available via Wayland games. I used the green ones for my scenery if you want some examples of use. Otherwhise use that link:

    1. Hmm I do like those crystals, though I would be a bit worried on the size and matching the colours to the green/red of the marines.

      Thanks for commenting too 😀

    1. I am a bit hesitant about using flock – I never think it works terribly well in Epic scale. I do like the idea of the odd larger stone though

  2. Gus. I think the lichen obscures the figs too much. That is one of the issues with 6mm, I find. It is EASY to get off scale. I’m actually a maker of 6mm figs myself. The Major Press is my company. I’m starting a line of 6mm Sci-Fi figs and staying on scale is vital. On the market now are my drop pods. You look like you could use a few for your Dark Angels! 🙂 Your army looks great. 6mm has always been my favorite scale.

    1. You are right, and the pieces of lichen in the pic are a little too big. I have had a look at your drop pods and they do look very nice, but I already have some GW ones that will make an appearance on here at some point.
      I’m glad you like the army, and thanks for commenting!

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