Lichen or no lichen? – EPIC Dark Angel basing

Hi guys,

A quick question for you all – as some of you will be aware I have recent started slowly painting up my EPIC Dark Angels. Currently the bases are just sanded and dry brushed before being washed, but I am a bit worried that this leaves them a little uninteresting. I bought some lichen and am thinking of having tiny little tufts placed on a few of the bases, just to break them up a little bit, but cant decide whether this looks better or not.

No lichen - current bases

No lichen – current bases



Please have a vote, and feel free to comment with suggestions!

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6 thoughts on “Lichen or no lichen? – EPIC Dark Angel basing

  1. nachthall says:

    A view years ago I would have said: “go for version two”. Nowadays I have to admit that lichen pieces don´t really fit into good looking miniature ranges. Anyhow I agree, there must be something else on top of your bases – otherwise they would look slightly empty.

    What about coloured crystals? There are several colours available via Wayland games. I used the green ones for my scenery if you want some examples of use. Otherwhise use that link:

    • Gus says:

      Hmm I do like those crystals, though I would be a bit worried on the size and matching the colours to the green/red of the marines.

      Thanks for commenting too 😀

  2. James says:

    I agree that the lichen doesn’t quite fit but that adding a little something else might look good. Perhaps the odd larger small stone? You could also try some tufts of static grass but be careful not to let it overwhelm the bases

    I’ve always rather liked the basing used on this Epic site, trying to do something similar myself:

    • Gus says:

      I am a bit hesitant about using flock – I never think it works terribly well in Epic scale. I do like the idea of the odd larger stone though

  3. Joel Burt says:

    Gus. I think the lichen obscures the figs too much. That is one of the issues with 6mm, I find. It is EASY to get off scale. I’m actually a maker of 6mm figs myself. The Major Press is my company. I’m starting a line of 6mm Sci-Fi figs and staying on scale is vital. On the market now are my drop pods. You look like you could use a few for your Dark Angels! 🙂 Your army looks great. 6mm has always been my favorite scale.

    • Gus says:

      You are right, and the pieces of lichen in the pic are a little too big. I have had a look at your drop pods and they do look very nice, but I already have some GW ones that will make an appearance on here at some point.
      I’m glad you like the army, and thanks for commenting!

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