Looking forward to 2014…

Having gotten the reminiscing out of the way, here is what I plan to get done over the next year:


Blog wise

Finish the EPIC Eldar army pics – 1 more post to go

Do EPIC Imperial Guard army pics

Finish the Lost and the Damned Tactica series – Daemon Engines and Air Support still to go

Get full Army / Fleet pics up for those that do not have them

Do more Daemon World playtesting / battle reports


Time to get painting!
Time to get painting!

Painting wise

Finish painting my EPIC Dark Angels

Finish painting my Necromunda gangs – Delaque, Pit Slaves, Escher, Redemptionist figures

Paint a 40k Army – probably Steel Legion

Finish off my Rogue Trader fleet – its composition has changed significantly since the last time it featured here

Paint up the remaining BFG models to match their fleets – Ork capital ships, Imperial light cruisers etc

Paint BFG Maelstrom and Bastion Fleets


The original Mighty Empires
The original Mighty Empires

Hobby wise

Convert a 1,000pt-ish Dark Eldar and Tyranid fleet for BFG from 40k bits

Organise all the Inquisition models I have into a coherent force

Work out how the original WHFB Mighty Empires works

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