Hi guys,

Kind of how I feel at the moment…

Apologies once again for how slow this blog has been recently. I am coming up towards the end of writing my doctoral thesis and am hoping to submit in January along with an uptick in teaching work, writing a conference paper, and submitting a couple of paper proposals for some upcoming conference – which, in other words, means that real-life and work have been seriously piling on!

Some of my WiP Epic Dark Angels
Some of my WiP Epic Dark Angels

I will be finishing up the BFG batrep that I am mid way through, and have one or two posts left on the Lost and the Damned tactica before it is finished. My painting has also slowed recently – I am currently in the boring stage of painting the bases of Epic Space marines – but I hope to finish up the bases soon and move on to slightly more interesting things. Blog-wise, I might look at doing another tactica for a different army, and will hopefully be getting some more games in soon!


3 thoughts on “Apologies

    1. The type with police tape and a chalk outline in it…

      I am fairly sure they are OOP now, but I’ll check and get back to you on taccoms

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