BFG update: Chaos Light Cruisers & Bastion Fleet

Hi guys,

My work top

My work top

Just a quick update with what I have been up to recently on the Battlefleet Gothic front – I have converted up some Light Cruisers for a new Chaos fleet and have been putting together a new Imperial fleet using the Bastion fleet list.

Schismatic, Pagan, and Heretic class light cruiser

Schismatic, Pagan, and Heretic class light cruiser

The light cruisers are a classic cut-n-shunt job. I bought a number of complete, badly painted, Chaos cruisers on eBay and using a modelling saw, chopped out the front weapons slot and stuck the prows back on the shorter cruiser body. This makes them quite stubby, but works relatively well. The light cruisers all come from the Book of Nemesis, a fan-made supplement for BFG, but they should pose no problems playing sensibly within my gaming group. The new chaos fleet (I haven’t decided which god / legion to link it to – any suggestions?), consists of these three light cruisers and two Slaughter class, a Murder class, and two Acheron heavy cruisers.

Three Bastion cruisers

Three Bastion cruisers

Next up are some eBay’ed Imperial cruisers for a new Bastion fleet list. I am using some of Mangozac’s Zeus pattern prows to give the fleet a different feel – they represent ships built in the shipyards of Voss with the eagle prows. I have all the models needed for the list now: an Apocalypse battleship ( a canny eBay purchase!), two Vengeance grand cruisers, two Dictators, two Tyrants, a Gothic, and the three Imperial light cruisers previously seen – a Defiant and two Endeavours. That gets me up to about two and a half thousand points which is pretty respectable for a third Imperial fleet…

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