New 40k Army – Sisters of Battle

Hi guys,

Just to leap in and prove I was there before the bandwagon arrives, I have recently taken possession of a Sisters of Battle army for 40k. Now some of you will know that 40k is not my favorite game system and I do still have a number of issues with it as a game system – but I have always loved the fluff and background of the 40k universe.

It is for that reason, and the ease of getting a game of 40k compared to a game of EPIC, that I have recently plunged into 40k – now collecting Steel Legion Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, and a mixed Inquisition force, each of around 3,000pts.

Quick picture
Quick picture

I have gone for quite a retro theme with this army, using the old style Rhinos to provide a bit of Gothic flavour to the army, while limiting myself to only sisters to draw a greater distinction between this army and the Inquisition force I am planning.

The army consists of:

Lord Inquisitor Karamazov


3 x Cannonesses

20 Repentia

3 x 6 strong squads of Celestians

2 x 17 strong SoB squads

2 x 10 strong SoB squads

2 x 6 strong Retributor squads (1 w/ 4x HFlamers, 1 w/ 4 x MMeltas)

1 x 5 strong Seraphim

Penitent Engine

2 Exorcists

2 Rhinos

4 Immolators (2 HFlamer, 2 MMelta)


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