BoLS Wargamer Survey & Specialist Games

Hi guys,

Having said I wouldn’t be posting anything up, I stumbled across a recent post on BoLS about a wargamer survey run in the US (link here).

The most interesting part of the survey for Specialist gamers like me (and most of this blogs readers I imagine…) was in the question that asked about which games the respondents played.

What games do you play?
What games do you play?

Unsurprisingly, 40k comes out top with WHFB trailing behind quite significantly. What is more interesting is that a whole load of now dead games, like EPIC, BFG and Necromunda are still racking up more gamers than newer games like Flames of War and Malifaux. It seems like a lack of rules development and lack of models does not trump a good background universe – something that more modern game developers may want to start looking at. Also interesting is that BFG tops out the poll among specialist games, something that surprised me, given that the models required do not overlap with other GW systems (unlike Necromunda for example) and that the buy in cost for models and specific terrain seems to be higher. Even stranger was the very low polling for LoTR – especially given the most recent Hobbit film.

I think that while the results are interesting we have to take them with a fairly decent amount of salt. First, the polling was mostly conducted through BoLS – a predominantly GW, predominantly 40k, centric forum. Secondly, the polling doesn’t really narrow in exactly what is meant by games played – is this once a week? once a month? once a year? once five years ago and still have the models somewhere in a shoe box? This is quite important for looking at the results in the light of Specialist Games – lots of people may still have models for them, but how many actually played the game in the last month?


Some of the other interesting stuff was the break down of armies played in WHFB and in 40k.

WHFB Armies
WHFB Armies
40k Armies
40k Armies

Just interesting to note the much more even spread of armies represented in WHFB, compared to the dominance of Space Marines (especially once you include DA, BA, GK, SW, Chaos etc as well) and Imperial Guard in 40k.

Anyway, I recommend heading over to BoLS and having a look at the post in more detail.


2 thoughts on “BoLS Wargamer Survey & Specialist Games

  1. I think your grain of salts are pretty much right on. I would be more interested in the second level of data for the correlations between the various things. Age vs Games Played and that sort of stuff.

    I remember taking this survey so I am 1 W40K, 1 BB, and 1 Epic on the list.

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