BFG – System Ships and Defence Monitor

Hi guys,

I know it has been a while since the last blog post, but I have been busy (and not painting…).


System Ships
System Ships

First up are the last couple of bits and pieces that make up my BFG Defences – some system ships and a GW Defence monitor. Above are the System Ships, tiny little undetailed slivers of metal that have no way of attaching them to any kind of bases. Fluff-wise they are non-warp capable ships, ranging from luxury yachts to armed in-system escort vessels, while in game they are single hit, 5+ armour, 1 shield, 15cm speed, 45 degree turns, 3WB escorts – like a slower, less manoeuvrable, Iconoclast for 20pts.

Defence Monitor 1
Lance Monitor
Lance Monitor
Lance Monitor

Above is one of the GW Specialist Games Defence Monitors that is sold as part of the pack with the System Ships. I am not quite sure how the sides are supposed to look on this model as it does not come with any weapons sprues and looks exceedingly bare without anything on it. Luckily, I had four of the Chaos lance turrets spare and with these stuck on, it looks sufficiently well armed, as they are supposed to be in the fluff. Given it looks significantly different to the FW Defence Monitors here, and given the lance turrets, I am thinking of running it as some kind of Lance Monitor by replacing the FP8 30cm WB with FP2 30cm lances. Obviously this will need my opponents approval, but my gaming group tends to be quite laid back and it works with Smotherman’s.

Group Shot
Group Shot

Last up is a group shot of the recent set of defences I have been painting up – a space station, 3 Endeavours, 3 WB Platforms and the Lance Monitor and System Ships.




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