The Death of Specialist Games

Well guys,

This is it. The last mournful days of a truly amazing thing called Specialist Games.

 Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

In case you have missed it, GW are cutting all metal production as they switch over to fine cast, and have let it be known that once stocks of Epic, BFG, Necromunda, Warmaster, Mordheim, Inquisitor run out, then they are gone for good. The source is multiple people, including me, on the Taccoms forum having rung GW and having it confirmed by Customer Services and the GW warehouse staff. Hopefully the communities will continue as strong, but without models being sold it will be difficult to bring in new blood. Perhaps the alternative manufacturers will step up to fill the void.

It also somewhat annoyingly spells the death knell of my putative £100 armies series – given that people will be unable to buy the models at all!

I have put in a final panic buy order for some things I need to complete my fleets / armies – nabbing the last Rogue Trader Cruiser like it was the last chopper coming out of Saigon. I hope everyone got everything they needed, or can find replacements elsewhere.


15 thoughts on “The Death of Specialist Games

    1. It hasn’t been announced openly (part of the reason I am pissed off at it) but it has been confirmed multiple times by Customer services in the UK and US and from the GW warehouse.

      1. I have just fired off an email to GW. Will see what they say.

        My friend contacted GW not too long ago and they replied that all Specialist Games will be converting to resin. I’m glad you have just announced this on your blog as I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

        I’m also friends with one of the GW Managers who had to do a GW Marketing course in Germany a few weeks ago. He got the feeling that GW are changing their marketing focus to 40K,Fantasy and LOTR. We will need to wait and see what happens.

  1. Are you on the Tactical Command forums? That seems to be the Epic hub on the internet.

    It seems as if GW don’t see the point in converting them over to resin, probably due to low sales.
    They may, of course, be re-releasing the specialist games range in the future in resin, but I very very very much doubt it.

    1. I have a feeling that they might do a re-release of some of the specialist games in the future but only as a one off like they did with the last edition of Space Hulk. I have just done a huge order for Epic, Necromunda and BFG (Approx £550) worth of stuff. This should keep me busy til the end of the year.

      All we can do is wait and see what happens in the future.

    1. Ofc not. However, this seems like random internet rumor. BFG stuff ‘ships within 24 hours’. So…

  2. Of course it will be shipping as normal until the run out of stock, at which point it is unavailable for ever.

    Ring them.

  3. Miserable news. And the worst part is the news led me to your blog and your really impressive series of £100 army posts, which reminds just how much we will miss the complete abandonment of the Specialist Games lines.

  4. Ordered a few Blood Bowl and Epic Eldar stuff yesterday went through order just fine but I have been getting emails informing me that several of the Epic eldar things are gone already.

  5. Oh this is just great. This post came one day after I emailed GW to inquire about the possibility of getting my three Hero class cruisers, since they were not among the items delivered on my pretty darn huge BFG order. I guess I’m left with one option now: return the whole damn thing for store credit while I wait for the Eldar release or something. Shame GW, SHAME!

  6. Now, six months in the run, I’d say, a conversion is an abolutely no-go.
    Reason why I think so is, Forge World dropped all of their Epc and BFG minis as well.
    Bummer, now all that is left, is ebay or other secondary sources.
    On the other hand, Epic was discontinued before, I think it was at the end of the 90s, maybe the early 2000s.

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