£100 Army – Vanaheim Air Cavalry

Vanaheim Air Cavalry
Vanaheim Air Cavalry

Next up in the £100 Army series is the other form of Imperial Guard I have been considering adding to my forces, the Vanaheim Air Cavalry. The list is produced by the EpicUK guys and is based on the style of the 40k sized Forgeworld Elysian Drop Troops. Armies include lots of Valkyries, Vendettas and Vultures all supporting lightning fast attacks by quite hi-tech guardsmen. The Epic list mirrors this by having relatively small formations (for guard) all mounted in the various different skimmers, with a heavy Imperial Navy presence.

3,000pts of Vanaheim is a lot smaller than the 3,000pts of Krieg from the last post, althoguht this list includes a lot more vehicles. Again, I already have some of the formations for this army so will be using them for the time being, but will price up what it would cost startign completely from scratch too. The list is:


Regimental HQ – 3 Valks, 2 Vendettas

Air Cav Company – 3 Valks, 2 Vendettas

Air Cav Company – 3 Valks, 2 Vendettas

Air Cav Company – 3 Valks, 2 Vendettas


Sentinels – 2 Melta, 2 Light

Sentinels – 2 Melta, 2 Light

Stormtroopers – 4 Valks


Marauder Bombers


I think the list gives me a solid amount of infantry to take and hold objectives with, while the Vultures and Sentinels add some badly needed anti-tank potential. The Stormtroopers are the main offensive power of the list, although they, like the rest of it, suffer from being very fragile to incoming fire. The Marauders and Thunderbolts give the list some decent firepower anywhere on the board.


So, shopping list!

Once again (and for the last time in this series, I promise), someone on the internet makes very nice Elysian proxy models which are grouped into sets. Each set contains 12 stands of infantry, 1 character stand, and four missile teams for £15 per set. This person also sells some very nice drop sentinels at £3 for four. The list also requires 16 Valkyries and 8 Vendettas which are ably filled with Exodus Wars Valkyrie Transport Squadrons, as they are as Valyries, and with added Plasma Cannon pieces to represent the Lascannons on a Vendetta. The Vultures I already own, but even then they are easily proxied with more Exodus Wars – the Valkyrie MkII Patrol models. Apart from that lot, the only other things are Stormtrooper models and the Imperial Navy detachments, all of which I currently own models for.

So it breaks down as:

4 x Elysian sets @ £60

24 x Valkyrie Transports @ £36

4 x Vultures @ £5

Making £101 in total.

For those starting from scratch, a formation of Stormtroopers, a flight of Thunderbolts and a pair of Marauder Bombers, all new from GW would cost you £40.10 – £141.10 total. Also, given the make up of the sets sold you will also end up with 16 Missile Launcher teams and four stands of infantry to spare!

One thought on “£100 Army – Vanaheim Air Cavalry

  1. Sounds good, I reckon it’ll be a great army that will be a very different playstyle 🙂 Careful or I’ll want to do an Elysian one too!

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