£100 Army – Death Korps of Krieg

Death Korp of Krieg
Death Korp of Krieg

The Death Korps of Krieg are a grim and brutal siege machine, relentlessly grinding thier enemies under their sheer determination and limitless numbers. Sustained artillery barrages proceed all out combined arms attacks, waves of faceless infantry advancing either on foot or carried into battle by Gorgons, supported by specially adapted tanks and surprise attacks launched by the veteran Engineers and elite Grenadiers of Krieg.

“The atom-ravaged world of Krieg once defied the rule of Terra, sliding into heresy

and sedition in the first half of M40. One city remained loyal to the Emperor, eventually

unleashing terrible and forbidden weapons in a desperate attempt to defeat their foes.

For over a thousand years, manpower has been Krieg’s tithe to the Imperium; regiments

of Death Korps who willingly march into the very worst environments and deploy into the

most forlorn attacks, forever seeking to atone for their forbears’ treachery with their own

flesh, blood, and bone”

So, three thousand points of the most badass (and muddy) guardsmen produced by Forge World, all in EPIC scale. I will be using the EpicUK list for this as it is much more streamlined than the NetEA list, and fits in better with the models I plan on buying. The army list:

Regimental HQ – Fire Support Platoon

Infantry Coy – 2 x Gorgons

Infantry Coy – 2 x Gorgons

Death Rider Company

Death Rider Scouts

Grenadier Platoon – Gorgon

Grenadier Platoon – Gorgon

Artillery Battery

Artillery Battery


Now I am not claiming that this list is the best possible one, or even a very good one, but it does feel quite Krieg-ey in nature and I think is a pretty decent list game-wise. It also contrasts nicely with my current Siegemasters army, as it has plenty of strong, attacking, infantry and fast moving cavalry. Games-wise I think I would probably end up using the Reg HQ as a garrisoned objective defender, deploying the artillery batteries near by and protected by it. With a solid defensive position (20 infantry stands plus fire support…), the other infantry platoons are free to move up the board, supported by the two Grenadier platoons, all in their Gorgons. The Thunderbolts run intercept duties, and the Deathrider Company is there just for the fun / visual impact of it.

Krieg Commissar
Krieg Commissar

Now for the shopping list – a certain someone on the internet makes some very nice Krieg figures in 6mm scale in various sets and by buying two each of his sets #2 & #3 I will end up with 100 infantry, 36 rough riders, 30 gun crew, 40 Engineers, 40 Grenadiers, 4 Autocannons and crew, and 20 character models. This means that I can build a full Regimental HQ in Krieg infantry with the support platoon, the two Grenadier Platoons by mixing the Engineer and Grenadier models, and by basing the rough riders two to a stand, the full Death Rider Company and scout riders.

After buying those the choice for the artillery piece comes down to either the Exodus Wars Guild Howitzers at £5.40 for 6, or the Forge World Heavy AA Platforms at £14 for six, and Gorgon proxies can easily be found in the Exodus Wars Gaia Heavy Trasports at £10 for 3. I currently own enough (painted) infantry to bulk out the two infantry platoons easily, and for now given I want this to stay as cheap as possible, the current GW infantry in their greatcoats are Krieg-ey enough for me. I also own a Thunderbolt pair to switch over to this army.

So the shopping list is:

Krieg set #2 x 2 @ £30

Krieg set #3 x 2 @ £30

Gaia Heavy Transport Squadron x 2 @ £20

Guild Howitzers x 6 @ 5.40

Making £85.40 in total.

Now, in this list I am obviously using a fair amount of my own stuff (40 infantry stands and a T’bolt pair), however even if you dont have this transferrable stuff available, the army still works out relatively cheap at £140.90  (adding 4 x Krieg Set #4 @ £40, and T’bolts new from GW @ £15.50). Hopefully this little exercise shows that EPIC really is not too expensive to get into (compared to 40k or WHFB) even when buying a new and pretty niche army, and that with some creative basing / proxies you can stretch your money alot further!


8 thoughts on “£100 Army – Death Korps of Krieg

  1. Are the infantry cast in a yellowish resin? I once bought Grey Knights and Tau in Epic scale and they were cast in that stuff. I was very brittle. The Grey Knights halberds did not survive painting, it was so brittle. I hope they have figured out how to make stronger infantry. I loved the GW plastic infantry.

    I look forward to seeing the paint!

  2. Nah, the infantry are all cast in metal which makes them very sturdy (but a real pig to get off the sprue they come on.
    I am only thinking about the army atm, my boyfriend would disapprove if I bought it!

    1. Hello,

      I’ve contacted some people on a forum before to get hold of some epic kreig but most don’t supply it anymore. Do you have any sources?

    1. I would also be interested in these, as far as I was aware these have been unavailable for a good while now…

      Feel free to email me – even if it’s just to confirm that they are no longer available.


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