Hundred Pound Armies

Hi guys,

I have recently been thinking of the EPIC armies I do not currently have, and narrowing down those that I would like to collect and those I am just not interested in. Two have popped up, both forms of Imperial Guard, the Vanaheim Air Cavalry and the Death Korps of Krieg. Cost as always is an issue for everyone, but I want to showcase the relative cheapness of EPIC in comparison to systems like WHFB and 40k.

Death Korps of Krieg
Death Korps of Krieg

So, I propose a blog post series of two posts (maybe more…) showcasing the possiblity for collecting an EPIC army for around £100. I will be using some of my currently owned models where the formations overlap, but even so, the 3,000pt lists should not run someone up to more than £150 and maybe even less with adroit eBay shopping.

So, two 3,000pt lists – one VACav, one DKoK – for £100 each!



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