BFG – Endeavour Class Light Cruisers – 100th post!

100th post!



Hi guys,

As some of you may have noticed in the last set of game pictures, I have recently painted up some bits and pieces that have not made thier way onto the blog – System Ships, a Defence Monitor, and three Endeavour class cruisers.

Endeavour Class Light Cruisers
Endeavour Class Light Cruisers

These are obviously not the original GW models which go for a truly crazy amount on eBay due to the very limited nature of thier release, but are instead some proxy models I bought from a certain someone on the internet for a fiver each. The cast were pretty dodgy, but for that price I cannot really complain too much. The colour scheme has been kept nice and simple, but I think the purple and cream has worked particularly well with the gold trim.


The ships fit into either the Bakka fleet list or the Rogue Trader list, but I think I will probably just use them as part of my hodge-podge of defences for now. I have left the weapons batteries unglued so I can chop and change between Endeavours / Endurances / Defiants as the mood strikes – I just have to find 4 Imperial launch bays and 6 Imperial lance decks somewhere. If anyone has any, please let me know!


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