BFG – Defence Platforms & Orbital Dock

Just a super quick post as I have been busy over the last couple of days.

I finished painting up one of the packs of Defence Platforms I ordered from FW – just a very basic dark gray, silver and gold scheme. The models are great although the joins between the central spire and the three points are a little fiddly / fragile. In game they are alright – 60cm, FP 6, 1 shield, 2 turrets, 6+ armour – making them pretty rubbish by themselves but when combined they can deliver alot of firepower to a good range.

FW Weapons Battery Platforms
FW Weapons Battery Platforms
Just noticed the gold isnt well painted on part of this.... Grr!
Just noticed the gold isnt well painted on part of this…. Grr!

The only other thing painted has been one of the Space Station models from Games Workshop, which I am not very happy with. I need to go back and repaint the lance turrets on the sides and on the top as I am less than pleased with the blocky yellow and blue.

Space Station / Orbital Dock
Space Station / Orbital Dock

Also my friend Ben has picked up working on his BFG fleets too, with a brand new Thousand Sons fleet in the works to go with his EPIC Thousand Sons. Please check it out here.

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