Happy Birthday to me!


Just as a note this blog has just ticked over its 1st birthday, neatly lining up with my own 23rd.

I hope everyone (7265 views so far) still enjoys reading it, and if you do, please give it a link, a follow, or a favourite.

Also please check out some of my friends blogs in my blogroll (esp. Miniature Miscellany for beautiful paintjobs on a wide variety of stuff, and Forgot My Tea for a very nice Eldar BFG fleet), as well as some of the other ones I have picked up along the way such as:

After Image Dan – for some excellent BFG battle reports, hobby content and tactics discussion

Big Lee’s Miniature Adventure – for some non-GW, 15mm wargaming action

Bringer of Victory – with mostly 40k tactics articles (seems not to have posted since December though…)

Chewing Lead – is a great mostly EPIC blog, with excellent painting and modelling going on

Dave Taylor Miniatures – another excellent painted, check out the Ad-mech army going on too!

Do You Have A Flag? – has some BFG content, and a soon to be starting BFG campaign

Epic Vox – is in french, and is currently in a bit of a Historicals phase. Lots of Epic in the archive though!

Hero’s Blog – is another 40k tactics blog site, currenlty throwing up lots on the new Daemons

Imperius Dominatus – runs the UK Blogger’s Network, and provides great 40k content in a variety of flavours

Jodrell Plays Games – probably one of my favourite blogs, with excellent EPIC models and armies

Miniature Textures – much more ‘arty’ than some of the rest, it is a great source of inspiration

Mr Saturday’s Mumblings – currently doing a very cool Fimir army for WHFB, check it out!

Need More Tanks – is a great 40k blog, currently immersed in a very cool campaign

Ninja Bread – is a UK based blog which ranges from EPIC across many different game systems

Realm of Lead Addiction – is a very cool EPIC blog, mostly chronicling some of the rarer / older miniatures

Realms of Chaos – is another very cool, retro-model blog. Excellent paint jobs too!

Skulkers Surprise – does an excellent weekly blog round-up, as well as good 40k bat-reps

Unite All Action – excellent scratch-built terrain, Necromunda and 40k content too

Wargaming Workshop – some very nice EPIC painting and armies, sadly seems not to be posting any longer

Warmancer – excellent fleet run downs for BFG, more recent content mostly non-GW but still good

Please check them out!




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