BFG – Emperor Class Battleship

Aquinas, Emperor Class Battleship
Aquinas, Emperor Class Battleship

Next up in my newly painted BFG Imperial Navy fleet is the Emperor Class Battleship, Aquinas. This is the only battleship in the fleet (and one of only two battleship size I own – the other is a Chaos Despoiler class) and forms the flagship of this Imperial fleet.

Other side
Other side

I bought the model a while ago from eBay and have stripped it down and repainted it – that is why it is missing some of the lance turrets from the spine and side fins. Each set of weapons down the sides are either magnetised or just held in, so when I am able to find some excess battery / lance sections I will be making it able to interchange between any of the battleships available to the fleet.


The model was sprayed Army Painter Angel Green and then the detail picked out in silver / gold / ice blue. I am trying to tie all of my Imperial ships together by using the same ice blue for all of the viewing domes on thier bridges. since this picture was taken, the golden eagle sitting up on the top of the ship has had another coat or two of gold and is looking much better now!

Next up will be two posts on the cruisers in the fleet, then I have some recent Necromunda painting to be blogging about.


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