BFG – Imperial Navy Escorts

Hi guys,I have recently been painting up my second Imperial Navy fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. The first fleet was a quick 2,000pt Bakka fleet featured in previous posts, and on its own page up near the header, but this second fleet is using the Gothic sector list and comes in at 3,000pts. Once I get through the painting / posting of it, it will get its own header page and join the rest of the stuff up there.

In this post are the two escort squadrons that form part of the fleet – 5 Cobra Destroyers and 5 Sword-class Frigates. I am not a massive fan of escorts generally in BFG (except Eldar ones – can’t get enough of those!), so both these squadrons are included more for fluffiness and ease in smaller points games, than for looks / rules.

5 Cobra Destroyers
5 Cobra Destroyers
5 Sword Frigates
5 Sword Frigates

In contrast to the earlier Bakka fleet, I have done for a Dark Green, Cream and Brass colour scheme, which I am quite happy with. Some of the prow lining is a bit rough and ready at the moment, but I am happy to be playing with these models on the table top and look forward to the odd combined fleet action!

Cobra close-up
Cobra close-up

I am very happy with how smooth the cream went on over a gray basecoat, as I was expecting much bigger hassles.


In other news, my Forgeworld BFG order has arrived (Ramilies, Orbital Defence, Monitors, Escort Carriers, Armed Frieghters etc) and I have been a busy beaver getting them all prepped and sprayed, so expect to see them making an appearance here soon-ish.

One piece of advice for people thinking of buying the Ramilies – get yourself ready for a real tussle trying to get the various pieces lined up straight! The resin pieces seem to be seriously out of alignment with each other, and even though I have managed to get the top looking respectable (with copious amounts of superglue, blood and greenstuff), the underside is still suffering from alignment issues.

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