EPIC – Altar-phants, Hellfires, Hounds and Big Mutants

Third part of my newly-painted EPIC army is now up.

3 Altar Elephants
3 Altar Elephants

First up are the three Warmaster Elephants from right at the beginning of the blog – newly painted in three different colours. I now have the top pieces of each of the gods, although the Tzeentch and Slaaneshi ones are a little larger – fitting given most of the army os Tzeentch / Slaanesh.

4 Chaos Hounds
4 Chaos Hounds

These are four stands of Chaos Hounds – again made form the Warmaster models. This does make them a little big scale-wise, but there are not very appropriate sized proxies else where.

15 Big Mutants
15 Big Mutants

Next up are some Big Mutants – made from the old Chaos Minotaurs and Trolls on the old Chaos Horde sprue. They are very useful in game, giving the cultist to which they are attached a much better armour save as well as decent firefight (3+). I like to add a stand or two to most of my covens, just to make them a little bit more a threat than they are with just cultists.

Hellfire Cannons
Hellfire Cannons

Last up in this post are my Hellfire Cannons. I am really liking these at the moment as they are cheap and provide some badly lacking long-range anti-AT / MW firepower. Plus, they can garrison which I consistently fail to remember! The models are the old Squat Thudd guns, with Chaos Squat crew members.





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