BFG Rogue Trader Update

Some of you might have noticed me mention to Andy from Miniature Miscellany, in the comments on the last post, that I bought another bundle of Spacefleet miniatures from eBay just after posting up my completed Rogue Trader fleet.

eBay loot
eBay loot

It is true that my Rogue Trader fleet is now no longer complete as I need to paint some ships to bring it up to its new points level, but I got the ships for a good price. The three on the bottom right (SF Emperor, Tyrant and Dominator) are going to from a small 1,000pt Inquisition Fleet – a Black Ship and 2 Inquisitorial Cruisers. The others (clockwise from bottom left: Gothic, Ironclad, Galaxy Troop Ship, Annihilator, Tunderbolt and unknown possibly non-GW model) are all going into the Rogue Trader fleet and raising it to a full 3,000pts. They will be used as: Gothic – RT Cruiser with Targetting Matrix, Ironclad – RT Murder with Targetting Matrix, Galaxy – Galaxy Class Troop transport (Warprift 31/32 has cross-over rules), Annihilator – Dauntless w/Lances, Thunderbolt – Dauntless w/Torpedoes, and the unknown ship is going to fill in as a super-heavy transport with advanced sensors.


I am away from the UK from the end of this week so blogging may slow down for a week or so but normal service should be maintained through the christmas holidays.


4 thoughts on “BFG Rogue Trader Update

  1. The unknown ship is from Star Fleet Battles; It’s an Interstellar Concordium dreadnought.

    1. I’m just starting to sculpt a tyranid fleet. I’ll be posting a log on whineseer once i’ve got more than one thing done..

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