BFG – Rogue Trader Fleet

Hi guys,

I have now finished painting up a Rogue Trader fleet for BFG  – I know I blogged about this a while back when the idea was still just germinating in my head here, but the list has changed significantly since then as has the style I went for.

Rogue Trader Fleet

Rogue Trader Fleet

I decided to try and build a Rogue Trader fleet mostly built around the old Spacefleet miniatures as they give a nice pre-heresy / ancient tech feel to the fleet. Also, while they align nicely with the Rogue Trader ships in the 2010 FAQ, there are also rules given for them in Warprift 31 and 32.

Murder Class

Murder Class

Rogue Trader Cruisers

Rogue Trader Cruisers

Rogue Trader Cruisers

Rogue Trader Cruisers

So, the fleet now tops out at about 2000pts with a Spacefleet Ironclad standing in as a Murder Class Cruiser with a Targetting Matrix, 4 Spacefleet Gothics as normal Rogue Trader Cruisers with Targetting Matrices, one Goliath Transport Ship as a Heavy Fuel Transport, 8 Spacefleet Cobra Destroyers to be used as any escorts needed, 6 Xenos escorts as well as nine mixed transport ships. As a fleet I think it will throw out a scary amount of firepower in the 30-45cm range band because of the Targetting Matrices (The vessel counts all targets as closing when using the gunnery table within 30cm and ignores right-shift modifiers for shooting greater than 30cm) but is very weak in lances and completely lacks fighter / bomber wings. Much more of a fun / campaign fleet than a competitive one.

Heavy Fuel Transport - I need to patch up some of the metallic on the top

Heavy Fuel Transport – I need to patch up some of the metallic on the top

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2 thoughts on “BFG – Rogue Trader Fleet

  1. Andrew King says:

    Looking good. I like the use of the Spacefleet ships as they have a nice 40k look but are distinct enough from the current Imperials.

    • Gus says:

      Thanks for commenting Andy. Unfotunately just after writing this post I won a whole load of spacefleet models from Ebay – time to rework the list!

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