Battlefleet Bakka – Mercury, Dictator, and Dominators

Hi again,

Another update on the Bakka fleet – I have finished painting all of the cruisers now and just have little bits and pieces to do on the escorts before everything is sorted. The last coouple I had to do were a pair of Dominators, which I am thinking of pairing up with a Lunar each in game, an Ad-Mech Dictator and a Mercury Class Battlecruiser.

2 x Dominators

The Bakka fleet list is quite launch bay light for fluff reasons – the Garerox Prerogative being a major ideological split within the fleet with the ordnance crowd losing out to the big-gun admirals. Given this it is quite difficult to get a decent amount of ordnance – handily solved to a certain extent by the ease of allying in Adeptus Mechanicus vessels. I chose the Dictator mainly for the launch bays, even though I realise that Ad-meching a Dictator is probably not the most competitive choice.

F – Ad-mech Dictator
R – Mercury Class Battlecruiser

The Mercury Class Battlecruiser (rear of the above photo) is a battlecruiser specifically designed to hunt pirates – high speed, powerful weapons. It is effectively armed with FP10 60cm WB, 2 x 60cm Dorsal Lances and a Nova Cannon. However there is a downside to all thie loveliness – when it is finally destroyed (hopefully not to soon given it should be standing quite far off from the enemy fleet) it rolls 3D6 on the Catastrophic Damage Table making it much, much more likely to explode!

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