BFG – Blockade Run

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago Andy from Miniature Miscellany (also check out his twitter feed @Mini_Miscellany) and I took to the battlefield of space to pit the disciplined Imperial Navy – which he has now finished painting – against the brutish Orks.

Ork Deployment

We had rolled up the Blockade run scenario, and it seemed fluffier for the Orks to be the attackers, trying to force thier way through an Imperial blockade. I deployed tightly, packed into one of the corners to try and present as many targets as possible while racing for the other side of the board. There was a large planet close to my deployment area so I tried to use that to reduce the effectiveness of his nova cannons, but it also posed a problem – split the fleet either side or keep them together?

After Ork moves
I decided to split the fleet around the planet, knowing that I only needed to get the two cruisers off the table to win the scenario on points. The Kill Kroozer and Terror Ship went donw the less defended right hand flank, while I sent my escorts headlong into the Imperial fleet. Even if they were destroyed at least they were a distraction!
Imperial response

Andy responded by blowing most of my escorts into tiny little pieces with the bulk of his fleet, although one or two managed to sneak into the middle of his formation. On the other side of the board both of my cruisers closed in on the Emperor class battleship (Andy was trying it out) escorted by some Savage Gunships.

Mars and Dictator vs. Ravagers

Andy had a large ordnance advantage in this game (Emperor, Mars, Dictator vs. Terror Ship) and really used it well to neutralise my torpedoes and destroy lots of escorts with bomber waves.

Right flank

Meanwhile over on the right flank my Orks had managed to co-ordinate enough firepower to blow chunks out of an Imperial Lunar class – combining the firepower of a Kill Kroozer, Terror Ship and the Savages (each hit causes 2 damage – excellent within 15cm, useless outside 15cm…) to cripple and eventually hulk the cruiser. At this point I was unsure whether to continue turning my cruiser back toward the Imperials or get off the baord edge as quickly as possible.

Mopping up

Over on the left, almost all of my escorts were scrap metal and Andy was just mopping up the last couple. On the right I had turned my cruisers, hoping to get some firepower onto the Emperor, but unfortunately a huge bomber wave from it destroyed the Kill Kroozer and was threatening the Terror Ship. Racing for the board edge, I managed to escape with an escort squadron and the Terror Ship, not quite enough for victory.

Imperial victory!

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