Game Weekend – EPIC

On the Sunday of our weekend of gaming, Mike joined Ben, Andy and I for a big game of Epic. We had decided to go for Mike’s Space Marines and Ben’s Thousand Sons versus Andy’s Saim Hann Eldar and my Siegemasters – switching the sides up a little bit from our last big game. The game ended with the Eldar and Imperial Guard in control of more of the objectives, although there were still alot of forces left on the table ready to tussle!
First moves towards the Siege lines


Stormhammer Company blows away some Thousand Sons


Eldar advance


Warhounds and Shadowswords play peek-a-boo through the ruins


Preparing a big assault


Combined assault by the Eldar on some exposed Marines


Teleporters and Artillery take thier toll


Marines take back the armoured bunker


1000 Son Defilers seize a central objective


The 1000 Sons retreat having been beaten back by the Seigers


Marines hold onto the centre with Mechanicum support


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