Game Weekend Pics 2

The next game we decided to play was a little different. The scenario was that an Ork fleet (me) had inadvertantly captured an exceptionaly powerful psyker from a convoy they had raided – and were desperately trying to make off with him. Meaningwhile, having heard that the psyker was now loose, Imperial and Chaos fleets had raced to the area to either capture the psyker for themselves or deny his usefulness to the enemy. Chaos and Imperial fleets would come on from the long edges of the board, while the Orks came on from one of the short sides.

Ork Fleet ready to go
The Orks enter the board straight into the teeth of the enemy guns
Imperials and Chaos try to stop each other capturing the psyker
A locked on Dictator leaves the Chaos Cruiser on only a single damage point
In the heart of the Ork fleet, the Imperials desperately try and find the psyker
Having found the psyker (the green D4), the Mars class struggles to get away before the Chaos ships can destroy it. After failing many leadership checks it finally slinks off the edge fo the board – victory to the Imperials!




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