Rocks in space!

Just a quick update.

My friend Andy, from Miniature Miscellany,recently bought some BBQ rocks and made them into great BFG asteroids. He very nicely gave a handful to me and I have been converting them into planetary defences / Ork Roks. I have tried to keep them pretty generic so I can use them across my different fleets – Imperial Defences, Chaos Defences or Ork-controlled Roks.



There are four little rocks which I plan to count as Weapon/Lance/Torpedo platforms, two slightly larger which will be Orbital Docks and 1 big rock which will either be a Space Station or could probably stand in for a small Blackstone Fortress – unfortunately my real Blackstone is missing one of its pieces.

Apologies for the not so good photo too!

One thought on “Rocks in space!

  1. Looking good! These posts between yourself and Andy are inspiring me to work on my own Eldar fleet, but there are just so many other models queued up first on the painting schedule…

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