3k NetEA Daemons vs. Eldar – Turn 3

So, turn 2 had left me in a decent but not good position. Ben still had alot of powerful formations on the board, while I was lacking in teleporters and the ability to reposition.

At the beginning of the turn I teleported my Flesh Hounds into some space on my own side of the board with no BM. I chose this position to allow me to make use of thier massive engage range to threaten Ben’s Revenants and his Aspects in Wave Serpents, both of which were closing in on my blitz.

Flesh Hounds teleport in

Ben then chooses to sustain his Revenants into the nearby Bloodletter horde, killing 4 and breaking them. He retains, advancing the Guardians in Wave Serpents up level with my Blitz and lays a BM on the Nurgle Horde.

Guardian lay a BM on the Nurgle Horde

He then retains again, sending the Aspects into the Nurgle Horde holding my blitz. Some amazing rolling on my part and poor rolling on his part later there is one dead plague bearer to 1 dead Dire Avenger and 4 dead Wave Serpents. The Aspects are wiped out from the engagement and the Nurgle Horde repositions to face off against the Guardians. Finally getting a chance to activate and determined to punish his Revenants for wiping out my Khorne Horde before combat (plus BTS…), I engaged the Flesh Hounds into the Revenants taking two round of combat to destroy them both.

Flesh Hounds bite thier way through the Revenants knees

The Eldar Falcons then failed thier activation and were forced to move rather than shoot by the ZoC on the nearby Furies much to my opponents annoyance. He then activated his nightwings to ground attack the Furies in an attempt to shift them, taking 2 hits but no kills to thier AA, and causing one hit but no kills in return. I then move my spawn across the board to help the Beasts of Nurgle hold onto the right hand objective. Ben chose to advance his Night Spinners out of the Fury ZoC and fired at the Flamers near to his blocked up webway gate, only laying a BM thanks to cover and not being able to sustain. I tried to marshal the Flamers in return, but failed and after Ben shot the Daemonettes with his Voidspinner, failed to marshal the Daemonettes too.

Heavily BM’ed Flamers and Daemonettes hold down the webway

Running out of options Ben engaged with his jetbikes out of the Webway but was wiped out by the Flamers and Daemonettes for no loss. I had outactivated Ben now and flew the lone Fury over to annoy his Voidspinner, held with the Beasts of Nurgle and engaged with the Nurgle Horde on the Guardians in Wave Serpents. Unfortunately the tide had turned, and everything except the Altar was wiped out.

The game ended with a 2:1 victory to the Daemons. I had managed to take his BTS and Take & Hold, while he had managed to grab my Blitz with the loss of the last engagement. I think the game went well and has given me a couple of things to think about development wise here.

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