3k NetEA Daemons vs. Eldar – Turn 2

Turn 2 started off with both of us deploying our teleporters – Ben brought in his Avatar near the Guardians in Wave Serpents, ready to assault my Lord of Change, while I brought in my Spawn and Horrors to support him. I also teleported in my Flamers and Daemonettes near the Aspects that had consolidated towards the Webway gate early in Turn 1, and my Khorne Horde into the open space behind Ben’s Revenants. Given how low the Daemon SR is I was hoping to put pressure on him in enough areas to at least get some assaults off on my terms!

Spawn and Horrors support the Lord of Change
Daemonettes and Flamers try and pin the Aspects
Bloodletters threaten the Revenants

The Eldar win the strategy roll again, choosing to advance the Revenants and shooting the Lord of Change, which promptly dies under the hail of MW firepower. Retaining, the Aspects on the other side of the board engage the GUO, breaking him and causing 2 points of damage while loosing one stand of Warp Spiders in return.

GUO takes 2DC and breaks

The Aspects once again use thier long consolidation move to threaten my Blitz. Going for the triple retain, Ben calls a combined assault with the Guardians in Wave Serpents and the Avatar on my Horrors and Spawn.

Big engagement

The Daemons lost this engagement badly, 6 dead Horrors and 2 dead Spawn, and the broken spawn withdraw back into some unoccupied ruins, with the Guardians following.


In retaliation I sustain my Altar on the Revenants causing a lucky 2 DC as Ben fails to make his holofield saves! Ben then advances his Voidspinner and fires ont he Khorne formation – however they are very spread out and only take 2 BM. Seeing a sneaky chance and willing to gamble with the lives of some Furies, I engage the Revenant titans with them.

Furies vs. Revenants. Excuse the fingers!

The Furies cause a stunning 2 DC of damage, breaking the Revenants, but are themselves broken by the excitement using thier withdrawal move to head toward Ben’s edge, threatening his artillery. It is at this point that they get called “more annoying than Rough Riders”, which is some compliment! Ben then sustains his Falcons on the Furies, only killing the one, while I regroup my Daemonettes and block the Webway gate with thier formation.

Daemonettes regroup

The Eldar Nightwings ground attack the Daemonettes, laying a BM, while I double the previously broken Beasts of Nurgle into the centre of the board. My other formation of Furies flies forward and ZoC’s the Eldar artillery park in the hopes of stopping them from sustaining next turn.

Furies Zone of Control Ben’s Artillery

In the last activation of this game, I march my Khorne formation towards the centre of the table, trying to catch up with the much faster Eldar formations.

At the end of the second turn I was much happier with the way the game was going, especially managing to get some damage on the Revenant titans, however Ben still had his Revenants, Aspects and Guardians in Wave Serpents, all of which posed a serious threat.



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