3k NetEA Daemons vs. Eldar – Turn 1

Hi guys,

Just a quick Batrep of my first game with the Daemon World list that I am developing for NetEA.

My list was:
Lord of Change
Great Unclean One – Supreme Commander
Tzeentch Horde – 6 Horrors
Slaanesh Horde – 6 Daemonettes
Khorne Horde – 8 Bletters, Daemon Prince
Nurgle Horde – 11 PBearers, Altar, DPrince – BTS
6 x Flamers
7 x Beasts of Nurgle
7 x Flesh Hounds
5 x Spawn
6 x Furies
6 x Furies


Beasts of Nurgle and 2 x Furies garrison on the centreline
Nurgle Horde garrisoned around my Blitz
Eldar deployed Revenants and Guardians in Wave Serpents on the left and Aspects in Wave Serpents and Falcons on the right

Ben wins the strategy roll ( and will for every turn ), and using his reroll advances his War Walkers out of the Webway Gate – loses one from a dangerous terrain roll and lays a BM on my forawrd garrisoned Beasts of Nurgle. He retains and engages with his Aspects in Wave Serpents – only 2 Beasts of Nurgle survive and the Aspects consolidate back towards the Webway gate. Big mistake and I need to remember to not garrison so far forwards in future, espeically against Eldar!

Aspects after consolidation

I advance my GUO and template the Warwalkers, hitting them all but only laying a single BM.

GUO templates the War Walkers

Ben then fails to activate his Voidspinner and regroups it, followed by me moving one of my Fury formations up to where the Beasts of Nurgle were. Ben seeing this moves his Falcons formation up and fires on my unactivated Fury formation killing one.


I regroup my Furies, Ben activates his Nightspinners and lays 2 BM back on the second formation of Furies. In reply, and running out of activations, I double my Lord of Change up next to the ruins in the centre of the board and cause one hit on the Guardians in Wave Serpents, unfortunately it is saved.

Lord of Change

Ben decides to target practically the only AV in my entire list with his Nightwings – bringing them in to try and shoot the Chaos Altar. Its AA shoots one down, while the Nightwings only lay a BM. I regroup the Altar formation, being a bit hesitant to move it forward off my blitz while playing Eldar (plus it is my BTS). Ben advances his Revenants and Guardians in Wave Serpents but both formations shooting at my Lord of change can only lay BM’s.

Poor shooting from the Revenants leaves my Lord of Change alive!

That brings Turn 1 to an end. As the Daemon player at this point I felt severly outmaneuvred and outgunned, not helpd by my silly garrisoning error with the Beasts of Nurgle. Still I had a decent number of formations ready to teleport in on turn 2.


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