6K Steel Legion vs. Eldar – Turn 2

Turn 2:

So at the end of Turn 1 the game hung in the balance, with a burgeoning mega-engage taking shape on the left hand flank while the Imperials were gaining ground on the right. Once again the Eldar win the Strategy Roll, and swiftly declare a combined assault, needing thier supreme commander re-roll to make sure the orders get through. The Guardians in Wave Serpents and Aspects Warriors in Wave Serpents converge on my Regimental HQ, jumping out of thier Wave Serpents only to be met by a blistering hail of artillery fire from the Manticore battery I had placed on OW. Only two Guardians die due to the Wave Serpent saves, but a mighty 7 blastmarkers are laid down – hopefully this will be enough to swing the engagement in my favour.

The critical turning point

In the engagment, the Eldar manage to destroy 2 Demolishers, 1 Chimera and 5 stands of Guardsmen, while the Reg HQ manages loads of hits, killing the Farseer and 6 Guardian stands.

Reg HQ withdraws

Unfortunately I have not quite managed to do well enough and the Reg HQ breaks withdrawing back onto an objective. However I have managed to effectively destroy the offensive potential of the Eldar formations involved. Hoping to capitalise on my now weakened flank, the canny Eldar generals retain with the Revenant titans to sustain on the nearby Stormhammer Company – all that MW fire sees one tank destroyed. Hoping to get some revenge, I activate one of my Shadowswords but fail, choosing to snipe out a Falcon from a nearby formation, breaking them and causign them to flee over to the buildings on the right hand flank. Seeing my plan to destroy the Falcons, Andy activates them and shoots at the Valkyries in the centre of the table blowing apart three of the relatively flimsy skimmers.


In a long range charge I activate the centre Rough Riders for an engage on the intermingled Rangers and broken Falcons on the right flank. The Rough Riders manage to defeat the Rangers and Falcons and destroy them.

Seeing the damage that Rough Riders can do if left to thier own devices and continuing the pattern set last turn, Ben chooses to sustain his Scorpion SHT into the other Rough Rider formation, wiping them out. In retaliation, and seeing no Nightwings on CAP, I send my Tbolts into ground attack the Night Spinners on the right flank, laying a BM but nothing else. Then, after having two of my Stormtroopers killed by enemy fire from Andy’s Guardian formation moving into the centre of the board, I advance the Griffon Company (that only has one Griffon left!) onto the objective and lay a token BM on the nearby Falcons. Andy then activates out of the Webway a formation of Jetbikes with a Vyper – just the Vyper firing manages to break one of my Shadowswords – while my Baneblades try to polish off Ben’s Revenant Titans. Even though they unload alot of firepower, the Eldar still have thier holofields and only one DC is caused on the previously unharmed Titan.

Nightwings dodge between the buildings

Eldar Nightwings them swoop down on my unactivated artillery, hoping to degrade thier performance before they even get the chance to fire. They lay a BM, but are unable to stop them activating next and breaking another Eldar Falcon formation. At this point I am trying to break as many formations as possible, hoping that they will struggle to regroup at the end of the turn and I can turn the tide of the battle and begin advancing! While Andy places his Rangers on the left flank on OW, I fire a lone Shadowsword at Ben’s Night Spinners, blowing one apart and breaking the formation.

Lone Shadowsword and Tank Company hold the right flank

Having now out-activated the Eldar given thier retentions and number of broken formations, I fired my un-blastmarkered Basilisks on the recent emerged Jetbikes, killing 1, and fired the last Shadowsword at them as well, killing another. The last activation of the game is a long left-ward swing for the Tank Company, bringing half thier number within 30cm of the Guardian formation hiding amount the sandstone stacks in the centre of the board. The firepower destroys a good chunk of the formation and shows the superiority of the Leman russ over any papier-mache armoured Eldar machine!

The end of Turn 2 sees the battle begin to swing in favour of the Imperial Guard. While the Eldar pushed hard on the left flank at the beginning of the turn, there are enough Imperial formations to just about hold the line. On the right flank the Eldar have been almost completely destroyed or broken and the Imperials seem to be securely in control of the centre of the board and its objectives. Still there are a lot of powerful Eldar formations still in play, including the Revenant Titans and SHT’s, as well as the possiblity of them summoning the Avatar.


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