4k Ben’s Eldar vs. My Baran Siegemasters

4k Eldar vs. Siegemasters


Another set of battle pictures from a game played between Ben and I a while ago, a 4k game between his Eldar and my Baran Siegemasters.

From what I can remember the game was quite close, with an eventual win to the Siegemasters. I had set up with two defended positions, one in the centre of the board, the other was on the far left. The position on the left was overrun by Ben’s Aspects assaulting it over the trenches, while the centre position held out until eventually launching a counterattack which cut off Ben’s Wraithgate.

Rough Riders advance on an objective
My central position holds out
Ben’s Aspects ready themselves
Ragnaroks “race” at 15cm to support the left flank
My counter-attack outflanks the eldar webway gate, Hellhounds in the lead
Eldar centre stalls and is reduced
The left flank crumbles


The number one reason I hate playing Siegemasters against Eldar?

Skimmer Wave Serpents…

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