BFG – Orkz vs. Eldar

Sorry for the delay in posting up anything new, but I am husbanding the content I have left for the remainder of the summer. Anyways, I have some pictures of a game of Battlefleet Gothic played between my Orkz (for only the second time ever) and Ben’s Eldar. I know Ben likes to complain that he never wins BFG, but he definitely won this game – not helped by a repeat of my complete inabilility to ram anything! Needing to line my ramships up the turn before, giving the eldar a full turns worth of movement and then hoping they have left themselves perfectly lined up was asking a little bit much. Just a 45 degree turn at the beginning of the AAF needed for a ram would be such a godsend!

Still enough whining, onto the pics.

4′ x 4′ board with lots of asteroid belts
Savages face off against Ben’s Shadow Class
Brute Ramships line up to try for an AAF
Savages draw at least some blood from the Shadow
Eldar Nightshades sneak round the back of my ships – This game really showed the difference in maneuverability between the two fleets.
Hit and Run from the Nightshade
One of the useful points of using gravel as asteroid fields!

Ben won this one convincingly, the game ending with the pair of us hiding in the asteroid! I like my Ork fleet, but I certainly think it is the weakest of those I have played with, especially against the fast and maneuverable Eldar!


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