VASSAL – Breaking my hobby drought

Hi guys,

Ben and I tried out Vassal for the first time yesterday. For those who don’t know Vassal is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games online, and has a variety of modules to choose from. One of the available modules is for EPIC, and we tried out a little 500pt skirmish – Chaos Marines vs. Eldar.

Warp Spiders engage a Retinue

I moved my Retinue up into some ruins and shot at the Warp Spiders, laying a blast marker. They retaliated by engaging – but were heavily beaten by the Chaos Marines, not helped by Ben’s abysmal rolling.

Guardian engage Raptors

I had moved my Raptors up, only for them to be enagaged by Ben’s Guardian formation. Some crazy eldar armour saves meant that the raptors lost and were destroyed. The guardians then swung around and faced off against the marines, loosing in an engage.

Guardians vs. Retinue

Overall, VASSAL seems pretty cool to me with lots of unit choice and a good interface. I think once we got into the groove that it would not take that much longer than a regular game, as it cuts out the coffee breaks and digressions into how Wood Elves don’t suck that much. It is such a pity that no-one else ever seems to be online on the Epic module, however I hope Ben and I will be able to use it again sometime.

One other thing: 2000 all-time views for the blog over the six months it has been in operation. If you are reading this, please hit the ‘Follow Blog’ button or comment as it provides great encouragement!

8 thoughts on “VASSAL – Breaking my hobby drought

  1. Hey man love the blog and love the fact that there is now more people finding the epic vassal game. Me and another friend from out of town find that it’s the he’s way to get a game in since he lives 4 hours away! Let me know if u want to have a game some time! ( abit after I get my comp back from the shop :(… )

  2. Thanks Aaron, it is always good to get a comment 😛 I have to say i was pretty impressed by how well done the EPIC module is – great choice of units and armies. Just PM me on Taccoms when you want to arrange a game, my username is novemberrain.


  3. Given that GW doesn’t like their games to be made into vassal modules I assume you found this somewhere else on the web other than the vassal site? If so, could you post the link to the module? Thanks.

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