4k Ben’s Thousand Sons vs. My Eldar

4k Thousand Sons vs. Eldar

As some of you may be aware, I am away from my models over the summer holidays. Fear not though, thanks to me saving a game I played a while ago, I can still bring you blistering EPIC action!

A while back Ben and I arranged a 4k game – his 1000 sons versus my eldar. Given that it was 4k, I thought I would push the boat out and take a Warlock titan. I tend to find a Warlock, while definitely a monster, a little bit too pricy for 3k. With the Warlock selected, the rest of the list pretty much took care of itself. I ended up taking:


3 x Guardian formations (2 w/ Wraithguard, 1 x Heavy Weapons)

1 x Shining Spears w/ Exarch and Autarch

2 x Void Spinners, 1 x Storm Serpent

2 x Falcons

2 x min-sized Rangers

1 x Jetbikes

1 x Nightwings

Ben had decided to play his new Thousand Sons army, trying out the Neophyte formations and Land Raiders. He ended up taking:

1 x Scarab Occult w/ LRaiders, DPact, IBearer, Magister Templi

4 x Rubric Fellowship (3 w/ Rhinos, 4 DPacts, 3 IBearers)

2 x Neophyte formations

1 x War Coven

2 x Doomwings

2 x Oracle Titans

Some Lesser Daemons

The game started with me trying to target the left hand flank – Voidspinner-ing some Neophytes, before finishing them off with a guardian assault out of the Storm Serpent. Ben responded by making the most of his Oracle titans, advancing them to start the process of killing my guardians. He moved some 1000 Sons on foot over toward the building the guardians had just occupied, eventually driving them out after a couple of engagements (Damn, I hate fearless armies!). Over on the right hand flank I was a bit unsure of my actions – Ben had advanced quite alot of formations including the Scarab Occult in Land Raiders over that way, and all I had was the Warlock and some Rangers. Still, scout screening until I got a chance, I launched the Warlock at the Occult – coming away damaged but victorious! Parts of the Occult managed to escape (Fearless!), and hid to deny me BTS and his supreme commander. The Warlock supported another engagement initiated by the Rangers in the middle of the board, destroying the second Neophyte formation, but being reduced to only 1 DC.  The next turn, Ben cornered the Warlock, locking it between one of his Oracle titans and a flamer buffed Rubric formation, destroying the titan. The rest of the game was mop up really, with the big formations having been wiped out – I was desperately trying to kill his Magister Templi to get BTS – but his armour saves were impressive!

The game ended a draw (I think, correct me if I am wrong please, Ben)!


Better hope those Wraithguard make thier saves!
Voidspinner lurks in the backfield
1000 Sons seize the high ground
Guardians advance out of the Storm Serpent into cover on the left flank
Face off! – The Warlock titan faces off against the Land Raiders and Scarab Occult
1000 Sons come knocking to evict the Guardian formation
Ben’s 1000 Sons – I don’t think I would have the patience for all that gold trim!
Limping Warlock get caught and dies 😦
Falcons shooting down Doomwings
Hiding in 4+ cover next to my Blitz – I am not sure if these guys fired a shot all game

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