Orkz in space!

Hi guys (and any girls)

Just an update to let you know that I have finished painting my BFG Ork fleet  – the models are really great and characterful and hide my dodgy paintjobs. The fleet is only a little one, topping out at 700pts and is themed as a diverse band of Ork pirates with a variety of colour schemes but tied together by the dark metallic bodies of the ships and the consistent outlines.

The list is wholly made up of escorts, which I know is hardly competitive, but I think fits with Orks in BFG much more neatly than the more competitive Terror-fleet. Given that I may eventually add a single cruiser to the fleet, just to round it out a little.

Brute Ramships x 4   100

Brute Ramships x 4   100

Ravager Ships x 3    120

Ravager Ships x 3    120

Onslaught ships x 3  105

Savage Ships x 3      90

Anyway, picture time!


4 thoughts on “Orkz in space!

  1. Looking good. By complete coincidence I just started work on my Imperial fleet this evening. I’ll have to give you a game once they’re done.

    1. Good to hear from you Andy. What colour are you painting your imperials? – So I don’t paint mine the same way! Pics of them on your blog soon?

  2. Ah ok I am thinking of going for either Dark Blue (there is a pic of one of them down beloew somewehre) as they are already partially painted that colour, or a brightish red colour as I have never seen Imperials painted that way.

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