Old Crow Terrain Pt.2

As I mentioned in a previous post about Old Crow Terrain, I had bought a whole load a while back. I have posted up picks of all of the land based terrain, but I also picked up some very cool pieces designed as ships / harbours. I have just found out that the guy that runs Old Crow has stopped producing most stuff and gone off to be involved in a feature film – making this post a little redundant!

I do apologise, but at least it might be useful for someone somewhere.

Transport Barges and Missile ships
Scale comparison – 2 stands just fit on the barge
Harbour layout
Harbour Blockhouse

I have also recently downloaded VASSAL and the modules for EPIC, BFG and 40k for it, as well as planning out and looking into 40k killteams for a possible combined BFG, EPIC and 40k campaign to start in October.


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