Hydras and Ogryn

Just a little bit more painting – some hydras and ogryn. Both are for the Lost and the Damned list, the ogryns standing in for Big Mutants while the Hydra models are the old style ones.

6 x Hydras

These are the original Hydra models and to be honest they are not that great but I think they fit in well with the low-tech style I am trying to go for with the Lost and the Damned. I had to file away quite alot of metal to get the Autocannons to sit in the tracked units and drill out the gun barrels.

Hydras in the Lost and the Damned list are a point of contention over on the Lost and the Damned update thread on the Taccoms forums – they appear in every list because they are the only real way of getting AA into the list, yet they do not have a good place to be placed. They tend to end up as the only AV unit in an infantry formation which is pretty much a death sentence!

16 Stands of Ogryn

I have also painted up 16 stands of Ogryn which stand in as Big Mutants. I like adding  2 – 3 stands to a coven just to give them a little more close combat punch.

Otherwise I have not been up to much just steadily sawing the marines I bought from thier metal sprues!



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