Old Crow Terrain Pt.1

A while back I bought a whole load of Old Crow Terrain – http://www.oldcrowmodels.co.uk/ (although the site appears to be down at the moment) so I thought I would do a little review while I am filling in hobby time over the summer holidays. I’ve split it into two posts, one dealing with the land based terrain and the other dealing with the sea shore stuff I bought. The models are all made out of a good quality resin, although in some piece you can defintely see that they have used previously cast and ground up resin as a filler. Still all the models are crisp and will stand up to alot of battering on the gaming table. Unfortunately most of this terrain no longer matches the GW terrain I now have, but I think it would make a stunning Tau or Eldar themed board. I do like the oil pipeline set, and am thinking of possibly getting another kit. Also please go take a look at my friend Ben’s blog. It is mostly WHFB and Malifaux at the moment but he has just posted up about Wave Serpents in Epic – Clicky!.

Desert Buildings


Missile Silo
Desert Tower
Oil Pipeline

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