The Merchant Fleets of Mankind – BFG Rogue Traders?

I have always loved the idea of Rogue Traders – those individuals set loose from the strictures of the Imperium to go explore, make money and generally do whatever the hell they like. Eisenhorn and Ravenor just increased this as well as the very nice Rogue Trader Cruiser model from GW.

Rogue Trader Cruiser – Yours for £12.30

However since getting into BFG, the cost of all of the transport models from either GW or Forgeworld put me off. Everywhere else I looked also worked out pretty pricey for what I wanted, and I kind of dropped the idea. However a couple of weeks ago I snapped up some em4 spacecraft models from a Buy It Now on Ebay, in the expectation that my £3 would be wasted and they would be horrible (Just like the 100 or so Dwarves I got off them when I was first getting into WHFB…).

em4 Spacecraft
Scale comparison with Imperial Cruiser

To my surprise, when they arrived they were actually decent. A nicely cast, but slightly bendy gray plastic, set of 12 generic spacecraft in the right scale for BFG and with hex flying stands included – all for only £2.55! This reignited my interest in doing a Rogue Trader fleet for BFG and since then I have been feverishly writing list after list, trying to balance coolness, cost, and playability.

Peasmold Class Recycling Ship from GZG

Buying 2 more packs from em4, the GW Rogue Trader Cruiser, a Dauntless light cruiser gives me a fluffy 1500pt list for less than £30. Not bad! I am also thinking of splashing out £7.50 on the model above from GZG to count as a Heavy Fuel Transport.

The list has ended up being much more fluff than competitive but it should be fun to play against if nothing else:

Veteran Rogue Trader     50

Rogue Trader Cruiser w/ Extra Shield   205

Dauntless Light Cruiser 125

6 x Xenos Escorts         300

6 x Xenos Escorts          300

6 x Armed Freighter     120

6 x Armed Freighter      120

6 x Armed Freighter     120

4 x Cargo Ship                  40

2 x Q-Ship                        120


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