Updated Blogroll

Just a seperate post to keep things neat.

I have updated the blogroll down at the bottom of the page to include all of the blogs I regularly visit. I strongly recommend you check them out as some of them have great inspirational miniatures: EPIC, BFG, Fantasy and 40k. As an aside if you come across anything exciting on the wide wide web, then let me know and I can add it.

I have also recently joined Twitter and am in the first flush of obsession. My profile is @novrain3946, so hit me up if you want any EPIC discussion!

Otherwise, I have been putting together a final list for a Titan Legion army and am looking into acquiring two more Reaver titans. This would give me 2 Warlord, 4 Reavers and 4 Warhounds in a 6,000pt list. I have really enjoyed using the Titan Legions lists in the battle reports down below this post, and hope to do so again. In the same vein, and inspired by this, I have been thinking about using Evil & Chaos’s on-hold Attilan Rough Rider list with the Baccus 6mm colonial figures and Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia to make a small side army to go with my bigger Imperial Guard army. 3k should only cost around £60 – so it is a possibility after I have waded through all the other projects I should be finishing.

Speaking of projects, I need to:

Finish EPIC Imperial Guard Army

Paint Epic Daemons

Assemble and paint a 4k EPIC Space Marine army

Paint BFG Imperial Fleet – (Emperor, 6 Cruisers, 10 escorts for £40!)

Touch up BFG Chaos Fleet

Re-base Epic Chaos SM

Paint 30 WHFB Empire Greatswords…


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