Things starting with M…

Hi guys,

Sorry for the extended slow-down on the blog, I have been away and busy working so hobbytime has been cut to a minimum. However one of the joys of still being a student is lengthy summer holidays in which to pretend to be working!

I have managed to crack on with my Imperial Guard army, painting up a formation of Manticores and one of Marauder bombers.

Manticores 1

I have to say that Manticores are probably my favourite Imperial artillery piece, although they are only available in the Steel Legion List. The slow-fire is a bit annoying (meaning they can only fire alternate turns), but I tend to use the off-turn as an excuse to reposition them which is something I always feel bad about doing with other artillery pieces as it stops them from sustaining. The Disrupt and the 2 BP per weapon are really just gravy and mroe than make up for the fewer turns of firing – I tend to find that I have one or two targets that need a lot of firepower rather than lots needing a little.

Manticores 2

These are the forgeworld models, one of the few lines they are still producing as part of the Aeronautica Imperialis remnants (clicky!) and did not have too much flasy or moldlines. I bought these second hand and made the mistake of assuming that the previous owner would have washed off the mold-release agent – unfortunately they hadnt and some of the paint is only just adhering to the resin.


Marauder 1


Marauder 2

I have also been painting up some of the Marauder bomber models I own, and although in my experience they do not really perform in the game, they give me a few more air operation options. I decided to stick to the balck washed, mid-gray scheme for the air elements of the army to tie the different parts together and because it is a fairly neutral scheme they shouldnt look too silly standing in in a Titan Legion or Space Marine army.



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