Vultures and Supreme HQ

Vulture Flight

I have done a little more painting recently of the Vultures I have. These are the Games Workshop Specialist Games models and are not the greatest. Lots of flash and tiny little places to glue the downturned wingflaps on make them a real pain to assemble.

Poor photo I know…

I have gone for a dark red Inquisitorial theme so I can use them as Valkyries for Stormtrooper as well. I have only tried Vultures once and after partially damaging a Warhound titan they quickly died. I know that they have a fearsome reputation on the internet but they have never made their way into my lists since as they are too fragile.

Supreme Commander Stand

I have also painted up the stand I am going to use for my Supreme Commander – A psyker, a captain, the commander, a vox caster and a Commissar.

Apologies for the poor photos this week, I am not sure why they are any worse than normal…

Feel free to comment etc guys.


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