Deathstrikes and Bombard


Deathstrike Missile Battery

I have finished painting up one of the most hated formations in the Guard arsenal – Deathstrike missiles! Massive range, low profile and truly horrific damage to any titan they manage to hit (2 x TK(D6)) mean they are a very cheap formation that packs a massive punch. They are slightly less useful for me however, as I play against Eldar armies and thier titans seem to have an uncanny ability to dodge my deathstrikes.

Bombard 1

I have also finished up a Bombard battery. This is a formation that seems universally panned by the internet, but really works for me. The short range isn’t too much of an issue for me as I tend to wait until my enemy comes close, and with the amount of cover I tend to put down on the table the Ignore Cover really comes into its own. They fit particularly well into the Baran Siegemasters list!

Bombard 2

Another view of the Bombards. These are the old style E40k models so they have lots of the detail I have come to expect like excess baggage, strapped on ammo boxes, picks and shovels. Makes them very nice models, but a bit of a pain to paint.


Just as a heads up, I head down to London on the 10th June and then after that head off on the summer vacation until mid-September. I don’t usually take my models back home with me as they are difficult to transport and tend to distract me from the work I desperately need to do. Therefore, I imagine the regularity of blogging you may have come to expect will slacken, but I hope to keep it to at least once a week. I have been saving some pics for posts during the holidays but towards the end I will be blogging more about tactics and lists than things I have painted!


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