4k Ben’s Eldar vs. NetEA Titan Legion

Hi guys,

I ended up playing a second game of EPIC over the weekend, against my friend Ben from Forgot My Tea (see for EPIC Thousand Sons, EPIC Eldar and a WHFB Wood Elf army). We tend to play slightly larger games agaisnt each other when we play at the weekends and this one was no exception. I had told been before the game I was going to be trying out the Titan Legion but luckily for me he had not really tailored against them.

I took:

Warlord Titan w/ 2 Turbo Laser Destructors, 2 Plasma Destructor, Veteran Princeps

Reaver Titan w/ 2 Laser Burners, Titan Close Combat Weapon, Veteran Princeps

Reaver Titan w/ 2 Quake Cannons, Carapace Landing Pad, Carapace Multilasers, Legate

2 x Warhounds w/ Plasma Blast-Gun and Turbolaser Destructor

2 x Warhounds w/ Inferno Gun and Turbolaser Destructor

2 x Thunderbolts

Recon Platoon


The game went quite well for me, the Quake Cannon Reaver being especially snazzy! The close combat Reaver (18 CC3+ and 3 TKD3 3+) did not actually manage to get into close combat once but still minced lots of eldar in firefight. The turbolaser destructors on the Warhounds are amazing – with a 60cm range plus the warhounds speed they were sniping off Eldar SHT’s right in the backfield from turn 1. The big Warlord at almost 1000 points, shot once before being ravaged by the eldar in Turn 2.

Combined Engage on my Warlord

Having been sustained on by the Revenant Titans and reduced to only 4 DC (MW2+ Pulse is nasty!), I was less confident of my Warlord being able to control the three clustered objectives on the right hand side of the board. Ben then used his retain to move a formation of Aspect warriors up into firefight range, before triple retaining with a Wraith-ed up Guardian Host. I had left the warhound on the left of the below pic just out of support range, while one of his revenants was able to support.

Certainly pretty cinematic

It actually didn’t go too badly for the big-boy – he only lost 3DC to the engage, while stomping lots of puny eldar in return. However the dice off went against him, and clinging to life with 1DC, he had to withdraw back towards my board edge. Later, a flight of Nightwings swooped in and finished him off.

Close Combat Reaver

The picture above is of my only partially painted close-combat Reaver Titan. I have magnetised most of the titan weapons I have (hence why this one is sporting a melta-cannon rather than the Laser Burner it should be) but am on the look out to buy some more. The two Laser Burners on this Reaver make it a real beast in close combat against regular troops, allowing it to throw out 18 attacks only needing a 3+. To give it a little bit of duality and to help against any tough opposing war engines, the TCCW is great.

Quake Cannon Reaver and 2 Warhounds

The Quake Cannon Reaver, picture above, seems to be one of the internets favourites picks. Having a 6BP Macro-weapon Indirect barrage on a Reaver Titan Platform is very nasty indeed! In the game against Ben, it convincingly trashed a mounted Guardian Host in the first activation of the first turn. However the thing is expensive weighing in at 825pts once all the upgrades are bought. Worth it though!

I really enjoyed playing the Titan Legion list – a great combination of effective fire-power, resiliance from the big titans and speed from the warhounds. It is definitely something I would try again – in fact I have even been looking up titan legion colour schemes…




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